Natural Cement Restoring America

New Products, New Branding

It’s been a while since the last update. Just a quick note to let you know of our new “product & services” website for Freedom Cement: coming soon. There you will learn about our Century Brand Natural Cement (made from real natural cement rock from Rosendale, NY), our LaFarge Natural Hydraulic Limes, made in Cruas … Continue reading

Restoring An Island Fortress Brick by Brick


  by: Clay brick is one of civilization’s oldest building materials. And brick remains one of the most durable building materials in the market, even in tough coastal conditions. But if you want a brick building to last, of course, you have to use the brick correctly. For lessons about brick in the coastal … Continue reading

Fixing Wright’s Wrongs – A master mason takes the architect to school

by Aaron Hoover Few masons would call concrete block walls art, and Ken Uracius is no exception. But Uracius, who specializes in historic masonry preservation, feels the word squares up nicely with the main structural elements of the buildings in his latest project: a little-known Florida college campus designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. “Usually when … Continue reading

Rediscovered Rock


By Jonathan D. King |  Photos by Jonathan D. King and Betty Greenwald Miners of the New York Cement Company circa 1890 at LeFever Falls Mine. Photo courtesy of the Robert Spindler Collection, Century House Archives The caves and smokestacks and giant brick kilns scattered throughout Rosendale are all that remains of an era over … Continue reading