Century Brand® Microcotta™


Match any color. Match any texture. Microcotta™ is a non-structural replacement for traditional building materials. It is a polymer resin composite that combines with inert, inorganic aggregates to form a lightweight, fire-resistant building material that is suited for economical cast replications of architectural ornamentation. It can be used to replicate terracotta, stone, cast stone, slate, brick, cast iron and other ornamental façade components with sharp detail and a wide color range. Microcotta was originally developed and patented in 1978 and has proven durable in numerous climates and exposure conditions, over decades of use. Microcotta has been used by major governmental agencies including the GSA, National Park Service, and US Navy.
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  • Decades of Proven Use
  • Fast Production (Faster than Terra Cotta) 
  • Closer in Appearance to Terra Cotta than GFRC or Cast Stone 
  • More Durable than Fiberglass 
  • Reduced Logistics Costs
  • Light Weight 
  • Unlimited Color Range 
  • Gloss and Matte Sheens Available
  • Light Stable Colors
  • Fire Resistant (Meets ASTM E84)

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Microcotta™ is made to order and is fabricated based on customers providing fully detailed design drawings. To receive a fabrication and supply quote please fill out and return the Request For Quote form. Pre-made shop samples available on request.


When units of architectural materials are supplied by the customer to the Freedom Cement fabrication facility they are to be intact and full pieces. For units damaged or missing portions there will be an added charge for rebuilding to facilitate mold making. 


Microcotta™ has virtually unlimited applications, here are just a few:
  • Cornices 
  • Window Surrounds, Sills and Headers 
  • Water Tables 
  • Ornamental Architectural Masonry Details 
  • New Facade Installations 
  • Urns and Architectural Furnishings 
  • Replication of Sculpture 
  • Replacement for Terra Cotta 
  • Replacement for Tile (Guastavino) 
  • Replicate Stone and Brick 
  • Replicate Cast Iron 
  • Specialty Uses (Climbing Walls)


Microcotta™ is available in an unlimited range of colors. Our colors are light-stable (will not fade in UV) with a proven track record. Microcotta is available in available in gradients and can replicate polychromatic materials such as natural stone. Color matching samples available at a quoted fee.


Freedom Cement solely provides Microcotta™ materials as per the customer's design. Freedom Cement does not provide in-field surveys or engineering of structural and attachment systems. References for these services are available on request.

“Our firm has worked with Microcotta for over 20 years and are pleased to write this recommendation. During that time we have worked on numerous projects including many schools for the Chicago Public Schools and many notable historic buildings. Microcotta projects have been in place with the Chicago School System for 18 years and have performed admirably on more than 27 schools.”

Bill Latoza

Sr. Principal, BauerLatoza Studio


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